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Franco Portofino is manufactured in the UK, Polished Plaster UK can be blended with a choice of over 4000 colours and is pre-blended and ready to use. Having extensive years of experience in the application of our materials, our trained craftsmen have completed many projects, such as: Southampton University,GlaxoSmithKline, Selfridges, Hugo Boss, Uniqlo, The Langham Hotel, The Mandarin Hotel, Berkeley Homes and many private homes.

We deal with both commercial and residential clients with our products and services.

Franco Finishes Ltd’s Portofino is a water-resistant Polished Plaster which can be used in wet areas e.g. swimming pools, showers and wet rooms. Besides this we provide smooth, pitted and stratus plasters. Our range of plasters include:

  • Franco Portofino Polished Plaster (Pitted or smooth for both internal and external use)
  • Franco Vitrino Plaster (Highly polished, for internal use only)
  • Franco Pontormo Polished  Plaster (Typical stucco Veneziano for internal use only)
  • Franco External Plaster (Stone or concrete replication)

Whether it’s for kitchen worktops or bathrooms, we provide quality plasters to enhance your project.

Franco plasters are ideal as they are durable and easy to maintain. Gradually hardening over time, Franco Portofino (Polished pPster)will keep its look for years to come.

Creating Concrete Effects

Franco Finishes offers a range of stone or concrete effects to give a contemporary look when designing for a space. Modern trends are based on using concrete effects for flooring and walls. Transforming any space with Franco Portofino polished or matt plaster concrete effects will give a wide scope of design to architects, interior designers or the design team.

Concrete Effects and Finishes

Franco Portofino Polished Plaster is a unique plaster formulated by Franco Finishes over 27 years ago. It is able to transverse from internal to external spaces, creating a monolithic  design. Smooth to textured/pitted finishes will achieve uniformity in a space or to emphasise a featured element within the desired look. Industrial-like structures like columns and beams can be plastered to gain control over surfaces and colour.

Detailed specifications are provided for the integration of Franco Portofino Polished Plaster, whether it be onto concrete, block & render or timber frame. Architectural details are available to assist developing and complementing the design and are all based on the traditional Code of Practise BS5262 and the BRE.(British Research Establishment) and documents such as Appearance Matters.

Franco Portofino Polished Plaster can be used on floors with the restriction that it can only be applied to a minimum screed of 75 mm and in areas on larger than 15 sqm per bay.

Franco Pontormo-Polished Plaster a true Venetian plaster

Franco Pontormo Polished Plaster is a fine, highly reflective plaster, applied between 3 and 7 coats. It is the original Venetian plaster used extensively throughout Italy. It consists of fine marble dust and lime putty, combining natural materials to match ancient technologies. There are varying types and qualities of this product on the market; some have a greater degree of patterning whilst others are lacquer-like with a more consistent colouration. You can specify which you prefer when discussing the Pontormo polished plaster with us.

Detailed specifications for architects  & designers. Application by Franco Finishes’ in-house artisans.

Our in-house craftsmen have been trained over many years to apply these products.


Budget and Pricing

For budgets and pricing, send us your architectural drawing/elevation via the contact us page.



Safety First

All our products would expect to meet a class ‘0’ fire rating, if used with a non-combustible substrate. We produce impact resistant and durable plasters/renders. Franco polished plaster Finishes strives continuously to introduce the latest trends in polished plaster walls.


Art works & Bas relief using Franco Portofino polished plaster  can  be purchased or commissioned, visit