Concrete Effects

Franco Finishes gives the finest concrete effects to the interiors of your homes and offices – Comforting your life with style

For years, Franco Finishes is offering a range of concrete effects to give a contemporary look when designing a space. Modern trends are based on using concrete effects for flooring and walling purposes all over the UK.  We are committed to transforming any space into concrete walls and floors that are shaped to meet the requirements of our clients.

Concrete Effects and Finishes

Adorning Walls with Concrete – Adding the Traditional Substrate

The urban trend of creating a raw industrial look in interiors of homes is increasing. People are using concrete walls in their homes, offices and even retail outlets. Concrete can adopt any shape and size which makes this material versatile. Franco Finishes can transform walls with concrete and polish to give you the desired look. They are eye-catching interior designs which look beautiful in hallways.

We can add the desired concrete effect in a modern way to lighten up your lives

The texture is highlighted which creates an effect of attracting the visitor’s attention. If a room has a large window or glass walls to let the natural light come in, concrete walls can lighten up the most minimalist space. The right environment and décor can make a room or office more industrial-like structure with concrete walls.

Warm and Earthy Concrete Effects on Walls

It is different from the plain cement flooring because they are no longer grey and dull. We use different colour combinations to enhance the ambience. Franco Finishes uses concrete without the use of any hazardous chemical coatings which saves your space from any sunlight damage. No scratching or chipping is experienced. From stained to polished floors, we offer a wide range of concrete effects and designs that match your lifestyle.


It is an affordable flooring idea because they are less complex as compared to marble or glass floors. They can last for years and do not require any fuzzy maintenance.

Easy to Clean

As compared to other options, concrete floors are easy to clean with a quick pass of the dry mop. A neutral cleaner and water can be used.


Concrete floors are famous for indoor surfaces because of their warm and earthy feel. These walls are stained according to the requirements of the clients.

Concrete retaining walls are also popular in the construction industry. We offer both material and its installation. The requirements of each project are unique and different, that’s why we provide consultation for each job separately.

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