Polished Concrete Bathroom

Our Modern Polished Concrete Bathrooms in UK are sophisticated in nature

We create ambiance that you are looking for

Welcome to Franco Finishes Ltd. For over 20 years, we have been adding unique concepts to polished concrete bathrooms in UK. Our seamless plasters add to the beauty of your home. We are a One Stop Shop to cater all the building and renovating needs.  We provide materials, designs and contracting services.

Polished Concrete Bathroom

Enjoy hot water bath in Concrete Bathrooms which give you a soothing feel

We offer trendy, durable and modern plasters in subtle colours to enhance the overall look of your home. Our materials are flexible enough to add aesthetics to your home, along with other factors which include:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Maintenance
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Modern
  • Bright surroundings
  • Adjustment in small spaces
  • Subtle colours

Our polished plasters give you a soothing feeling which is ideal for hot water baths. Another feature of our products is temperature control. Irrespective of the weather, the surfaces are neither too warm in summer nor too cold in winter. Concrete gives a very shuttered, matt and raw industrial look to the bathrooms, making them cosier. All our plasters are fire resistant when applied to non-combustible substrates.  The non-combustible elements protect your home from any fire accident(s).

Franco Finishes meet all the requirements of BS 5492 and BS 8000 Codes of Practice for internal plaster and workmanship. We offer two types of plaster materials for a polished concrete bathroom:

  1. Franco Portofino
  2. Franco Vitrino

Franco Portofino:

Being highly resistant to moisture, Portofino is made to meet the requirements of wet rooms and bathrooms where high humidity levels exist. When used in combination with silicone sealers, it provides high water resistance which prevents damages to any polished surface(s). Limestone, marble and powder are used to add durability. Its thickness is 5mm including the base coat and primer. Franco Portofino comes in 20 Kg tub which estimates to cover 22 sq. per tub with a 3 coat application.

Franco Vitrino:

Franco Vitrino is a thin coat plaster which contains lime putty, refined limestone, marble and powder to give strength and workability to various surfaces. Its thickness is similar to Franco Portofino. It is also water resistant and best for shower areas, wet rooms and bathrooms. We sell Vitrino at application per metre, which can be determined once you decide to buy. In addition, we offer assistance in its application and installation. Franco Vitrino gives a classic polished limestone look to interiors, making them more attractive and comfortable at the same time.

Concrete surfaces provide a comfortable environment. They are good for allergy sensitivities, as they reduce dust mites and allergens. It is easier to clean polished concrete bathrooms as their maintenance is not very expensive. We offer both the sale and installation of concrete plasters which are durable and sustainable. For more information regarding polished concrete bathrooms, you can

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