Venetian Polished Plaster

Franco Pontormo- a true venetian plaster

Franco Pontormo Polished Plasters is a fine, highly reflective plaster, applied between 3 and 7 coats it is the original venetian plastered used extensively in Italy. Consists of fine marble dust and lime putty it a natural materials with 4000 colour available. There are varying types and quality of this product on the market, some have a greater degree of patterning whilst other are clear with a more consistent colouration you can specify which you prefer when discussing the Pontormo Polished Plaster.

Application- by Franco Finishes in house artisans.

Ideally applied to new standard plaster (Multi-Finishes) finished ready for paint. Or over sound and stable paint work.

A priming coat in roller applied and allow to dry, the 3 to 7 coats of Franco Pontormo Polished Plaster is applied the polished, sealed and waxed.

PRICES.  Cost per sqm from £40.00 to £80.00 depending on colour, quantity, and complexity of project.