Do resin based coatings last as well as cementitious finishes?

No. There are many different types of resin coatings – or polymer emulsion, as they are more commonly known. These types of coatings will normally last 10/15/20 years depending on the quality and whether it is correctly installed. After this period of time, the finish will have lost its elasticity, become brittle, and it will also have lost some of its adhesion; therefore failure is likely to occur. [The price of thin resin coating will vary from £25 to £95 per 15/20 litre tub. Basically, the more you pay, the better quality of product you’ll obtain.]

Cementitious finishes are far more stable. They will last from 25 to 50 years, as long as each coat is the right strength, has been correctly mixed, applied under good conditions, allowed to cure and been protected during its early life.