You say that you give “independent technical consultancy”. How can I believe that when you also market your own products?

Franco’s policy is genuinely to discuss applicability of its own products and other manufacturers’ products to clients’ requirements in an open and constructive manner. We find that this enables clear understanding and objectivity prior to specifying. If a competitor’s product is more appropriate for your requirements than ours, we will say so up front. (We don’t want to take on business if we suspect the client will not be happy with the end result). If competing products are comparable, we will be happy to give our view on the pros and cons. Quite often, where products from competing manufacturers are comparable, we find that when we are specified, our client’s decision was based either on price, on ability/willingness to take a flexible/customised approach, or on the added value that we bring with our technical expertise. (With Franco Finishes, you deal with practitioners, not with salesmen.)

If requested, we are prepared to take on specific fee paid consultancy assignments on the clear understanding that our products will not be specified.